Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting:

Are you planning a holiday, working away or possibly having a night away? Whatever the reason, Scallywags Pet Services can take good care of your pet in your absence and gives you an alternative, more tailored care package than most kennels or catteries, etc. can offer. We can provide several options to allow you to choose how you would like your pet to be looked after.

The options include a visiting service where we can visit your pets in their home environment each day, however many times you like and for however long you wish. As part of this service we can feed, water and give your pet plenty of attention. For no extra cost we can open and close curtains, turn lights on and off, remove post from the doorway, etc. to offer a certain degree of security. We can also water house plants and garden plants in that rare warm weather although if you have a large garden there may be a small additional fee. So whether you have cats, rabbits, or a variety of pets then this option could be good for you. Please note that this option is only available for dogs if they are not left alone overnight.

If you wish to provide a more familiar routine then you should consider the house sitting service. This would mean that I (Emily) would stay in your home, providing company and security. All care tasks and some household tasks (as mentioned in the visit service) will be carried out and your pets will get plenty of attention and lots of play time! Dogs will be walked (for one hour) as part of this service and we charge per night not per pet, making this the ideal option for multi-pet households! This is also the perfect option for pets which thrive on familiarity and routine. Pets will be left for short periods during the day (for a maximum of 4 hours) to allow visits and walks to other clients but I will endeavour to pop back and forth as much as possible throughout the day and I will return to your property in the early evening.

The other option is home boarding in our own home however this is now only available to those who are existing clients.