Dog Walking


Dog Walking:

Dog walking is available in slots of half an hour or one hour, please note that the full amount of time is dedicated to walking, the time spent collecting/ dropping off and cleaning is not charged for. In the areas which we cover we are lucky enough to have some wonderful countryside to explore, where possible we will endeavour to vary the walks so that the dogs get plenty of stimulation and therefore exercise!

We can walk dogs on a one to one basis or in a group depending on what you’d prefer and what suits the dog best. Our groups are kept very small, usually 3 dogs as we feel that in order to give them attention, keep them happy and safe it’s much better to have small groups. Too often you see professional dog walkers taking groups of six or even eight dogs at once! We don’t believe that this is safe, often we might come across a dog on lead with their owner, if we had so many dogs playing off lead how would we get them back on lead quickly enough to stop them causing a problem for them? We wouldn’t want our own dogs taking out in such a big group so we don’t take yours out in them either!

Your dogs will be transported in  Emily’s air conditioned 4×4 with is fitted out with a double crate and seatbelts (harnesses are provided by Scallywags) to allow three dogs to travel in comfort and safety or in Margaret’s roomy hatchback. Towels, poop bags and treats (if permitted), etc. will be provided by Scallywags to prevent wear and tear on your belongings however collars, complete with ID tags  and walking harnesses if required must be provided by the owner.

Your dogs will be transported in our air conditioned Citreon Berlingo which is set up with six crates so that each dog has it’s own space to feel safe and secure. The area is lined with rubber matting and each crate has thick memory foam beds in waterproof wipe clean covers so that no matter how mucky they get on their walks the next dog to travel will have a clean dry place to sit in the car! We never travel dogs on the front seat or loose as is the law. We both have clean drivers licenses and are fully insured for business use.

Wherever possible dogs will be exercised off the lead where written permission from the owner is granted and when we are in agreement that it is safe to do so. When returned to your home your dogs will be cleaned and dried with a towel and left clean (as clean as possible anyway!) and happy to sleep off their adventure.

The options are as follows:

  • One to One walks: If you prefer your dog(s) to be walked separately then this option is for you. Your dog will get our whole attention and our time together can be spent exploring or playing their favourite game of fetch, whatever they like to do best! The one-to-one walks are available in half an hour or one hour slots.
  • Group Walks: These are fantastic ways to get the most out their walk, playing and socialising with a carefully selected group of four legged friends! We will create friendship groups to match personalities and energy levels together, there is nothing better than seeing a group of dogs playing together and running free! Group walks are available in one hour slots only.
  • Puppy Socialising Walks: Do you have a young puppy that needs a visit during the day and would enjoy and benefit from a short walk? This is ideal to get them out and about to see the world and all its noises, sights and smells without over facing them.
  • OAP Walks: Perhaps you have an elderly dog who would enjoy a leisurely stroll to get some fresh air and some gentle exercise, we can take them for however long they can manage and if that’s not too far then the remainder of their time (e.g. half an hour) can be spent just getting some attention and cuddles! If they just want to be let in the garden and have a cuddle, then that’s fine too! We can also administer any medicines required at no extra charge.